Friday, May 14, 2010

Mandi's Foodie Update - A Change In Plans

Hi Food Friends! How is everyone? I hope you are doing great and that today finds you working hard at achieving your healthy goals. I wanted to pop in and share some news about my foodie journey.

My health and fitness goals have changed. I was having a great time doing Weight Watchers and found myself pretty focused on the program. But I had to quite near the end of April because I found out.....

(not me)

that I'm going to have a baby!

So as you can imagine, I needed to quiet WW right away. In fact, though I was loving the program, I was finding that I ate through most of points pretty quickly and often found myself VERY hungry. Well, little did I know, that this little bambino was making me want to eat much more. Dieting and Pregnancy just don't mix! All in all, I had lost about seven pounds and had been on the program for about a month. (To be honest, I may have lost a bit more or less but the first week I didn't have access to a scale.) I was really comforted to know that while doing WW I had been following their good health guidelines that ensured that I was eating 5 to 6 servings of fruits and veggies, two servings of milk, grains, lean meats, etc. So I know that I was at least eating fairly healthy for my baby.

Right now I am ten weeks along with a due date of December 13th. I've been really uping my fruit and veggie intake as well as my calcium intake and really trying hard to eat well. No wonder I was having such a food aversion to leafy greens! Normally I love them!

I want this baby to be healthy! So I plan to still share my foodie journey - just this time, I'm not trying to loose weight. I'm also going to keep exercise into my daily routine and am anxious to share with you what I will be doing to stay healthy. First I must meet with my midwife and see what she recommends is best for me. In the meantime, I'll just be walking.

Thanks for sharing in this news. It's been a busy month for each of us Foodies. I can't wait to get to your blogs and see how you all have been doing. To be honest, once I found out I was pregnant all I've wanted to do is read some pregnancy books. My nose has been buried in them! I hope everyone has a great day - and just want to send some encouragement to do your best today. You can do it!

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Angie said...

Congratulations!!! What great news!