Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Getting Some Goals Together

Hi ya'll! Can I just say that this weight loss thing is h-a-r-d?  I mean, it can be such a struggle sometimes. The last thing I want to eat is anything involving lettuce or green or full of fibre. Give me a slice of pizza, a Pepsi and call me satisfied. But I know I won't be satisfied. This weight loss thing is a journey and one that I know I need to be on.

This week I have a few goals I'm setting for myself:

#1. Drink more water! I've truly been slacking in this area and have now decided that I'll keep a full glass of water with me throughout the day to encourage myself to stay hydrated. It's been working so far! I may also get some sugar-free Crystal light packets because if I'm honest, I love the taste of flavored water far more than just regular H2O.

#2. Get creative with my veggies. As I mentioned above, I just loathe the idea of eating a salad right now. I know, I know, call me crazy. But lettuce (and spinach) just aren't doing it for me right now. So instead I'm going to get my veggie intake in other ways. Tonight's dinner consisted of a hamburger but instead of the fries, I opted for green beans. Score one for me. :)

#3. Start using weights. I've been trying to get more exercise into my daily life. Last week, my sister Foodies and I, went to a neighboring town to visit our grandma. I suggested that we all bring our sneakers and walk after the visit. And we did just that! We walked all over town and it was a great workout - but these arms of mine need some defination. I plan to start using weights to tone them up. I may even use them while watching some of my favorite tv shows. Multitasking. :)

So those are some of my goals for the week. How about you? How are you doing on your health and fitness journey? Any tips you can pass along? I'd love to hear them!

Oh yeah! I'm also excited to read this new magazine! I bought it tonight while at Walmart. It looks like a great issue!

And one more thing. I've lost 5 pounds so far!!

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Jennifer said...

Good job on your weight loss! Let me know your secrets.