Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reaching a Milestone

I have officially hit my 10 pounds lost mark by losing 2 pounds this week.  I really didn't even know I was that close until I got on the scale this morning and saw the numbers.  I started a bit before I began this blog, so if you look at the track here, I haven't quite lost as much.  I began on  January 1 with the goal to lose three pounds per month.  Friday was the last weigh in of February and I'm already ahead of schedule which is such a good thing.  I know I'm going to need that later.

I was only able to hit the gym twice this week (once for Body Pump and once for Zumba).  I was also pretty careful with my diet.  I skipped counting carbs and counted Weight Watcher Points instead.  I went into this week knowing I wanted to see a real loss on the scale and I knew Points would do it.  I like being able to switch between programs.

So, what does 10 pounds look like?  I looked for a bunch of images but this was the best I could find:

The fat in the picture represents one pound.  So I've lost 10 coffee cups worth.  Kind of neat!  Here's the Source of the Article which was a nice read.

Any other good losses out there?

By the way, I'm currently trying to get another Foodie to participate in the blog.  One of my sister is pregnant and, therefore, won't be posting.  I'd love to get another one of my compadres working with me.  Are you in?

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