Monday, June 14, 2010

No Such Luck

Well, I weighed in on Friday morning and Saturday morning and weighed the same as I did last week.  Even down to the tenth of a pound.  Maybe the scale is broken, maybe I just can't seem to lose the weight right now.  Sometimes I think I "feel" skinnier and other times I feel like I've gained.

I decided to start Weight Watchers again and count my points from home.  I'm doing okay minus the strawberry shortcake I had at my parent's house this weekend where my dad insisted I use a Twinkie as the "cake" part.  Then my husband and I turned in some gift certificates for free pizza subs at a restaurant for dinner as well as a coupon for a free pizza at Pizza Hut.  Oh well.  My bonus 35 points are now gone and it's only Monday.

But, I have been running consistently and staying on my schedule for my 5K.  It's been a little rough I have to admit.  My husband and I try to run in the morning, but today my legs felt like I strapped 100 pound weights on them.  I felt like I wanted to stop the entire time but we made it 27 minutes.  We had to stop four times, mostly for my husband, but for less than a minute each time.

So, we keep going.  I'm at least trying here.  We'll see where this goes this week.  If good results, I'll post something this weekend.

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Mandi @ Finding Home said...'ve got me way too hungry for Pizza Hut now! I'm anxious to hear how WW goes for you. Sometimes it's good to have that accountability. I'm really proud of you for pushing through on your run! I know I'd feel pretty accomplished that I kept going even if I didn't want to or felt like it. I hope you had that sense of accomplishment!