Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm Hurtin - BAD

I said before I was a cheerleader in high school. Every July we had this horrendous three day camp. Every muscle in my entire body was stretched to the limit. I could never walk for DAYS after the camp. Literally - I would be in so much pain, I wouldn't want to sit my butt down. I dreaded the thought of having to go to the bathroom - for fear I would get stuck on the toilet. It was that bad!

Well...Here I go again!!! I'm hurtin. Jenn and I ran on Monday. I managed to get about a mile and a half done and walked about a half a mile. Last night after the kiddos were bathed, I put on my workout clothes and hit the streets. I walked for 48 minutes total. I live in a rural community and the roads by my house are a mess of hills. Literally my entire walk home was up hill. I felt so good when I got home though. I thought for sure I'd walked four miles and was on my way to being skinny. As soon as I got home I stretched, did my ab roller (you'll hear about this terrible contraption later), and did some push ups (girly style with my knees bent). Then, I jumped in the car to clock my miles...

Guess how far I walked? Ready...2.8 miles. Here I thought I'd walked enough to go to town and back. All I walked was a measly 2.8? I felt like a dope. But then I realized - I haven't exercised in EONS! I'm proud of myself for even having gone that far - alone. No one was there to push me.

The point is - no matter where you go, how far you go, or how long it takes you - Exercise is wonderful! You'll feel thinnner and eventually look it. Just keep at it. Don't give up the ship - even if you can't feel your legs in the morning! Smile while you do it - You're Burning Fat! Yah!

P.S. I posted this picture in my bathroom - the place I look at myself naked in the mirror (ew). I didn't do this so my husband could gawk at a VS model (although he probably will...ha!). I did this because not only do I have a high school reunion coming up, but also a wedding. I love this dress. While it may not be ideal for either a wedding or the reunion - I heart it a lot and hope to someday be toned and fit enough to wear it!

I'm thinking a different color though - black or red - or something other than yellow!

Much Love,



Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Way to go sister!!! I'm so proud of you for getting out there. I'm glad you posted a photo of the dres. I was dying to see it. I love it! (Even in the yellow.)

Mandi @ Finding Home said...
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Mandi @ Finding Home said...

P.S. It was me who deleted the comment - I double commented on accident. Whoops!

Jennifer said...

Good job little sis! I'm proud of you for moving and keeping up the momentum. Keep going. I'm looking forward to another run Thursday night after the chicken and biscuit benefit dinner!