Thursday, April 15, 2010

Running - by Mary

I believe in setting small goals so that I don’t get discouraged in the weight loss process. I did a health assessment with my insurance company a few years ago, and they told me what they felt my ideal weight should be for my age. I have seven pounds to lose to get to this number.

I like to walk for exercise, but I have decided to give running a try. This morning before work, I was able to run .6 mile. Don’t laugh! It wasn’t that many years ago that walking one mile would exhaust me, and I wouldn’t have dreamed of walking that far before going to work. See – a little goal can be attainable, and you will see results.

Today I saw this posted on the wellness bulletin board at work, and I think it’s worth sharing.

*Running has been proven to help fight the aging process.
*Running prevents muscle and bone loss caused by aging.
*Running promotes the human growth hormone.
*Running helps fight disease.
*Running reduces the risk of stroke and breast cancer.
*Running reduces the risk of heart attacks.
*Running strengthens the heart and lowers blood pressure.
*Running raises good cholesterol.
*Running creates a higher concentration of white blood cells boosting the immune system.
*Running builds confidence and character.
*Running relieves stress.
*Running improves your mood.
*Running provides you with a sense of empowerment.
*Running makes you feel just plain good.

My ultimate goal is to lose the seven pounds and also to run one mile. I hope to achieve these goals by the end of summer!

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