Monday, January 16, 2012

Are You Still Here?

I was looking through the old posts and it's been some time since anyone has posted here.  Let me say, for me personally, the past couple years have brought a lot; the end of nursing school, a new job and then a newer position than that and a baby.  Let's say stress from school and work packed on a few extra pounds and baby weight- don't get me started.

So, it seems here we go again back to trying to lose weight.  I've set myself up to be pretty successful this time around and I'm hoping my compadres in this blog will join me.  My goal is to post at least once a week to let you know how I'm doing and then one weigh in post on Saturday mornings.

How am I going to lose the weight?  I went to Weight Watchers shortly after having my baby girl, Gianna, so I have the resources from that.  I'll be following Points Plus for now but hope to find something that might work better for me.  I've found weight loss on this new program to be rather slow and, while I'm all for slow and steady weight loss, working hard all week to see a 0.2 difference on the scale is a little hard to swollow.

In addition, I've teamed up with a couple women from work who hit the YMCA for a series of classes that are held during our lunches.  Monday is Step, Tuesday and Thursday are Body Pump, Wednesday is typically Butts and Guts and Friday is Zumba.  The days I skip a class (because of sore muscles... or because I'm not really into the Butts and Guts class) I walk with another group of women during our first half hour of lunch.

I can say in the week I've been working I've lost 1.8 pounds, so I'm well on my way.

I don't have much time to write tonight, but hopefully in the coming days I'll be able to spell out how I'm doing and what I'm doing a little better.  But, not wanting this post to be too long and drawn out and wordy I'll leave this post at this.  I'll be back Saturday morning at the latest to post my success for the week.

I will say tomorrow instead of working out my boss is taking a group of us to lunch.  Wish me luck!

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