Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Walk at Work Day - by Mary

So yesterday was the National Walk at Work day, and our group planned for three miles.  The weather was windy, and the temp was in the low 50's.  We were frozen while we stood for our group picture before setting out.

Not all the walkers are exercisers, so they walked slowly.  I was with two of my friends, and they were slow walkers.  I wanted so much to break out of the pack and move!  Before we got to the end of the first street, my two friends decided to double back and quit.  Now was my chance!  I kicked myself into gear and headed out.  Although I missed their company, it felt good to move to my own pace and test myself.

The more I moved, the warmer I got; so I was comfortable.  Although I wasn't the fastest walker, I was able to do the entire three-mile plan without taking a shortcut.  Although it was really tempting near the end, I stayed the course.  We were rewarded with a bottle of water at the end, but my reward was the fact that I was able to do this. 

I haven't walked three miles in a long time.  Mostly when I'm outside walking, I try to run a bit.  The road I usually go on has steep hills on each end.  I figure it's an accomplishment to try to get halfway up a hill.  Because I have been exercising, running, and walking, I was in great shape for the three-mile challenge.  I'm excited to try to do more.  I have noticed a weight gain lately, but I haven't been exercising as much; and my eating has been horrendous.  I need to get back on track; wish me luck!

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