Friday, June 25, 2010

A Smart Idea

My scale is still reading the same as it has all month.  I think this weekend will mean a trip to Wal-Mart to get a new scale.  I have been working out pretty consistently this week and eating healthy, so I'm expecting some change soon.

Here's an idea my mom came up with that I have been implementing at home.  For every 15 minutes of exercise I do, I put $0.50 in a bank.  So, if I get a good 30 minutes 4 days a week I will earn myself $4.00.  Not too much, but not a bad amount either.  By the end of the month I will have $20.00 and by the end of the summer I will have about $60.00.  Another month and I can get some new running shoes!  Or an outfit, new running watch or maybe go crazy with a pair of heels.  Who knows.  I pull the money from a big change jar my husband and I drop spare money into, so sometimes I have to scrounge for the quarters, but it's well worth it.

Good luck with your healthy living weeks!


ImplausibleYarn said...

That is a great idea for motivation! I'm always surprised at how small amounts of money add up. I'm also a huge fan of the personal reward system for anything.

arcellgonzalez said...

My opinion is also same as you and your whole blog because it is really nice and smart idea for every person. We can motivate other people to save the money and use the best of it.